APi’s | Postman

In this modern world, a service or product will have an API, we use API’s to programatically make them do things.

However, you might not have a code platform or rig to just star tplaying with APi’s and thats where the power of postman comes in, I honestly don’t know how they have a free version.

You can create an API call, test it, change what your posting and just experiment with different API’s, many companies also have ‘Swagger’ documentation available which Postman can injest, which then gives you all the calls you can use.

Not sure how to write what your doing in a new languge you are learning, don’t worry you can click a button and get some sample code! Its truely amazing.

On top all of this, you can dynamically make it create documentation for you, on the fly, with example code, for your customers! Amazing!


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