Who hosts your website is a critical part of your digital fingerprint. Without a suitable webhost, you could suffer multiple outages, or not have things applied in a timely manner.Working with 3 web hosting providers we provide a layer of management and monitoring to our customers. Usually virtual, although we can provide physical, we host our customers web services for them, optimise them and ensure they stay online.



If you need a Linux based operating system to run your web platforms we can help provide this, and make sure it mets a level of security you are comfortable with.

We can make it PCI compliant, HIPPA compliant or any of the various security standards you can adopt.

We keep it patched, secure and if we also build your website for you, we will optimise the server to run your website as fast as possible also.

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If you are running ASP, .NET or a windows based web service language you will need a windows host to run your services. We can provide this to you at a suitable security level to meet your needs.

We keep it patched and secure.